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Monday, July 13, 2009

Chicago Style Hot Dogs

Okay, I have to admit, my pregnancy cravings were probably kicking in for this one. Vince was watching SportsCenter and a couple of sports casters were eating them at the White Sox Stadium and it just sounded really good. So my hubby looked up the ingredients and we had these for dinner last night. They sounded a little weird once I found out exactly what was in them, and I thought I might end up picking off a lot of the toppings, but they were actually fantastic!
Chicago Style Hot Dogs
Poppyseed Hot Dog Buns (we couldn't find these, so we just used regular hot dog buns)
Hot Dogs
Dill Pickle Spears
Chopped Onion
Sliced Tomato Wedges
Sweet Relish
Mustard (no ketchup allowed!)
Sport Peppers (we omitted these)
Cook hot dogs according to package instructions. Place hot dog in bun and top with mustard and relish. Place tomato slices down one side and onion down the other. Top with one pickle spear and peppers (if using). Enjoy!
Posted by: Julia
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Melanie said...

Ok, that is one loaded hog dog. Seriously! I've never seen so much packed into one bun. And I'm sure I missed it, but I didn't know you were pregnant. Congratulations!

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