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Thursday, May 14, 2009

3 Envelope Roast

After working all day and then fitting in a gym session, the last thing I want to do is come home and cook a meal. That is why I love my crock pot. There's nothing better then walking in the door from a long day, starving, and smelling dinner already cooked! This recipe is so easy and it was absolutely delicious. The sauce made "gravy" that would be perfect with some mashed potatoes on the side.

3 Envelope Roast
adapted from

3 pound beef roast such as chuck roast
1 envelope of dry Italian salad dressing mix
1 envelope of dry ranch salad dressing mix
1 envelope of dry brown gravy mix
2 cups water

Instructions :
Put the water in a measuring cup that is larger then the amount of water you are using. Now add and mix all three envelopes of dry salad dressings to the water. Mix until blended completely.
Brown the roast (if desired). Add the meat to your cooker. Pour the water, salad dressing mixture over the roast. In the slow cooker cook it on high for about 4 hours on low about 8 hours.

Posted By: Julia
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My Sister's Kitchen said...

That sounds good. I've never tried italian or ranch dressing with a roast. I love crockpots too. It feels like you didn't even have to cook.

Anonymous said...

How much water??

Anonymous said...

I made this and while the flavor was good the saltiness was way over the top. Would not make it again as it's written. Maybe a Tablespoon of each or even a teaspoon for starters.

My Sister's Kitchen said...

I'm sorry to hear you felt it was too salty. I've never gotten anything but compliments from the recipe. I think that's a good idea to start with less seasoning.

Anonymous said...

Cooked way faster than eight hours. Veggies tasted great but meat didn't have much flavor. Very tender. Had rest of meat for french dip sandwiches for lunch the next day. Great!

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