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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No Tricks, Just Treats

I have to resign myself to the fact that from now until Jan. 1st there will be way more treats than necessary around here. I gave up long ago trying to be the candy police and do what a good Mom should and dole out a few pieces a day. Instead I just smile when I see their bright orange pumpkins, overflowing with the evening's treasure and beautifully, sticky, Halloween faces. And then I let them eat it. Until it's gone. Is that a crime? I figure they're going to eat it anyway so why not just go for it? Just in case the kids eat all their candy before you can steal some of the good stuff ( a.k.a. chocolate) here are some of my favorites for this year. Am I the only crazy Mom who lets her kids do this ? Tell me I'm not alone in this!
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Melody said...

That's what my mom did, and I probably would too, but my hubby is more about just letting them have a few pieces a day. We separate all their candy into snack bags and they can have one snack bag a day. They usually have candy until Christmas! They don't complain cause they are pretty used to it by now. Happy haunting!

My Sister's Kitchen said...

That's a good idea. I'd just have to find a really good hiding place. My kids can sniff out treats anywhere!

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